The seven-minute morning routine is where it all starts. If we can carve out a few minutes after we wake up to chronicle what’s about to transpire for the day, then we’ll be productive. For a more detailed guide to this routine, read pages 56-57 of The 7-Minute Productivity Solution.


Find a quiet place that’s far away from distractions. Power down your phone and stash it away. Use the kitchen timer we’ve included for you, and set it for a seven-minute countdown.

MINUTE ONE: Clear Your Head

For sixty seconds, think about what your day will entail, but don’t write anything down, and don’t start making a task list. What are the challenges facing you? Why do they matter? Your timer should be counting down the first minute as you prepare your thoughts.

MINUTE TWO: Breathe a Little

Now spend another sixty seconds (counting down to minute five on your timer) and breathe in and out. Take deep breaths in and exhale in an exaggerated way. Sit back and relax, take a sip of coffee, look out the window. You’re preparing your mind.


You have exactly four minutes to write down some light notes. Write down a few random thoughts about the day. Don’t make a task list! Write down some things you are looking forward to plus a few stressors and challenges. During this time, also record hope moments. Think of hope moments as those small, delightful insights in the morning that come from somewhere beyond ourselves. Hope is what could be.


When the timer hits minute one in the countdown, go back and review your notes and circle the most pressing concern. Cross off any stressors. Also be sure to circle a hope moment. That’s it! You completed the seven-minute morning routine.