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Social media challenge

Tired of using social media without there being a point? Endless scrolling can make you feel like your brain is running on autopilot. If there’s no point in what you’re doing (and if you’ve ever wanted more time in your day), then maybe it’s time to put a stop to the insanity. 

You might be tempted to delete your social media altogether (I’ve been there, done that), but maybe you just need a fun challenge to break your habit. Try taking a social break and give it a real shot. What’s that mean? You need to give yourself enough time to truly see how you feel and notice the difference in your life. 

Most times, cutting out a habit is extremely difficult for the first few days, because your brain is still not used to your decision to change your behavior. If you don’t try going cold turkey, you might not ever be able to break your habit entirely. 

So here’s the challenge: 

  1. Delete your favorite social media app (be honest) from your phone for one week. 
  2. Here’s the killer — don’t check the platform. “Checking” the platform is what you do everytime you end up scrolling two hours later. You need to try cutting it out entirely. 
  3. If you need to let your friends know you won’t be using the app, by all means let them know so they don’t worry about you. 
  4. Journal about how you feel during the week. 

Drop us an email to let us know what you experience.