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Take a break challenge

So you want to take a break, eh?

This is the right place to look. In The 7-Minute Productivity Solution book due out in January of 2022, there’s a full routine that explains how to take break properly. Until then, here’s a challenge to try. The Take a Break Challenge involves intentionally choosing a day of the week and a time when you always take a break. once you start doing that, you track how it impacts your work. Then, you are ready to do the full Take a Break routine.

By the way, if you complete the challenge, be sure to send us an email and we’ll enter you in a drawing to win a free copy of the book when it comes out. (Note: we will also add you to our mailing list, fair warning.)

Okay, here we go.

  1. Choose when you want to take the break. Be smart about this, because you obviously don’t want to do this when you have a meeting with your boss. Try thinking of a day and time when you know you can always logout and head to the breakroom.
  2. Buy yourself a nice journal before you start the regular break. You will need one to jot down your thoughts about how the break helps you during the week of work.
  3. Once you have the journal and picked the day, go ahead and start taking the regular break at the same time on the same day. Of course, take a break for exactly seven minutes.
  4. Now record how the break makes you feel, how it impacts your productivity, and if you need to take more breaks. It will be odd to even do this (most of us don’t take breaks, oops).
  5. Take a break at least one whole month on the same day.

Once you are done with the challenge, drop us a note about how it all went! we might include your comments in a future article for this site.