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Seven minutes to productivity with purpose.
Read the book that will change how you work. Buy the book now! Listen to our podcast! Then, sign-up for our newsletter right here. So what is this all about anyway? The Seven Minute Solution is a way to find productivity with purpose. It's a system designed to boost productivity by following daily routines, all seven minutes long. They are in my new book and augmented by this site. Sign up for our newsletter to see new routines.
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Learn how to focus your attention and your time
It all started with an article. Back in 2015, I wrote about a 7-minute morning routine, something I've done for years to help me focus and prepare for the day ahead. That article hit a nerve. In a good way. Hundreds of people emailed me and said they were doing "the seven" and loving it. I've expanded on that original article from way back when. The 7-Minute Solution is a strategy that consists of a series of daily routines to help you radically improve productivity. The routines include: Morning Routine, Plan Your Day, Take a Break, Daily Debrief, Social Media Routine, Presentation Routine, Meeting Routine, and more. To get started with the 7-Minute Solution, the first step is to buy the book that explains how it all works!. The 7-Minute Productivity Solution comes out in January of 2022, and it explains the 7MS concepts and strategies. No tips here! The routines are repeatable strategies, more like an engine that helps boost productivity. Then, keep checking back to the website for additional 7MS strategies and routine. Sign-up for our newsletter as well. And, stay in touch! We'd love to hear from you about how 7MS is helping you find more productivity with purpose.
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Take a 7-Minute Challenge

Complete one of these simple seven minute challenges to improve your productivity. If you complete an objective, contact 7MS for next steps.

Read a sample of the book

Want to read a sample of the book? Fill out a quick form and we'll send you a PDF to help you find productivity with purpose.

Follow these basic steps to improve how you work:

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Follow a routine

Start with a routine that helps you learn how to focus. The salience network in your brain is there to help!
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Learn good habits

Routines help you develop good habits. A routine becomes a habit when you learn how to do something proficiently.
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Practice them

A routine becomes a habit. Then you put habits to good use. The result? You learn how to have productivity with purpose.
Read past articles about productivity with purpose

John wrote about 4,000 columns for and the magazine from 2008 to 2020. It was my most rewarding experience as a writer.

Forbes Magazine

John's current column at Forbes focuses on innovation, social media marketing, and productivity.


The print column in Entrepreneur is still going (he helps with editing) and John writes occasionally for the online publication.

There's an extensive archive of articles for dating back to about 2004, all (mostly) still available.

For about 12 years, I wrote a weekly column for It was an enriching experience because I tackled some tough topics.


I wrote a column for Computerworld for about 12 years as well. My claim to fame is that I was a blogger for them two different times!


Mark Buchanan

"John Brandon has pulled off a not-so-small miracle here: written a book about daily routines that’s a page-turner. He makes the quotidian exotic, and turns everyday habits into superpowers."

-Mark Buchanan
Nir Eyal

"Good routines can propel us forward as a way to develop game-changing habits. John Brandon has made the case for using simple daily practices to transform how you live your life."

-Nir Eyal
Paul Jorgensen

"In this book, John Brandon provides motivation, evidence-based explanations, and practical steps to help us make the best use of our time, our resources, and our opportunities."

-Paul Jorgensen
Mike Calore

"It doesn't matter what kind of person you are--lazy, hyperactive, distracted, overachieving--this book will work for everyone. It's like a skeleton key for unlocking the human brain's potential."

-Mike Calore
Jason Feifer

"Time is a precious commodity. What John Brandon has done in his new book is offer practical guidance on how to focus our attention and use time wisely. It's a game changer."

-Jason Feifer

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