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Please check back, though. It will be soon, and when it is, you might be the first to turn read it!

In the meantime, here’s a short little sample:

Applying the productivity lessons in this book will save time, improve your own process, produce better results, and even help you lead a more fulfilled life. A routine is the engine to help you actually develop new habits—starting today. There is a method to this madness. If we are designed to work, we should steward that work as best we can.

There are times when I hear about extreme productivity and nod along in agreement. “That’s me, that’s how I work.” Yet, some of the productivity advice I’ve found has left me feeling a little flat. Is that all there is? Getting better as a person? Small changes in self-improvement? Becoming more successful so you can make more money? There must be more to it.

In researching this book, I kept feeling like the natural laws of habit-forming and personal development were not satisfying. I don’t want to be merely a better person. I don’t want to be an email guru. I don’t even like email. I decided the real goal is for us to be more efficient because that honors who we are as humans. We are good workers at heart. I choose to become intentional with my time because our time on this planet is limited.

As purposeful workers, we don’t have to follow the same old routines and habits. Each day, we can create new habits and break old ones. Starting right now we can say: Today I will work hard. Today I will embrace change. Today I will start using new routines to form new habits.

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