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Read to Lead Book Review

Read to Lead by Jeff Brown and Jesse Wisnewski is everything a non-reader needs to become a reader. 

Authors Jeff Brown and Jesse Wisnewski write as though on a mission: make the reader into someone who reads regularly. 

If anyone reading is unsure if they should add books as a regular part of their lives, the authors clearly and emphatically explain just how beneficial reading really is. 

Read to Lead takes the reader through the many excuses people make to avoid reading. The authors explain why excuses such as “not having enough time” or “having too short of an attention span”, can be overcome and should not stand in the way of discovering the joy of reading.

In this section they also dissect a few of today’s distractions that make it even more difficult for us to want to read, particularly our phone usage. 

The rest of the book explains how to be a good reader. The authors tackle comprehension, retention, reading faster, and a host of other topics that even helped me, an embarrassingly avid reader, to improve my reading.

They provide suggestions, such as a reading plan, to become a reader. The authors also spend a chapter tackling changing habits, particularly the steps to achieve becoming a reader. Their main advice in this is to start small: read a page each morning as you drink your morning coffee, then later add a page to your afternoon break, and so on. They finish the book with extra tips to become a better reader, as well as the benefits of joining (or starting) a book club.

For anyone with the goal of becoming a regular reader, this book has to be the starting point. It is packed full of hands-on ways to accomplish reading goals and practical steps to establishing good reading habits. 

Towards the beginning of the book, the authors use a simple equation to estimate how many more books one will read in their lifetime. Using their equation, I estimate I will read another 5000 books. To say I enjoy reading is a bit of an understatement.

I am therefore ready to encourage every non-reader friend to give this book a try and perhaps another and another until they become readers. This book is a great start to reading, laying out the facts for why it matters and the tools to achieve the new habit of regular reading. 

I specifically appreciated their idea of how books can make us better in our careers, teach us new skills, and often achieve similar results to expensive courses. Although I love reading, I never thought of the possibility that I could become qualified for promotions at work simply with the help of certain books. 

I’ve been interested in switching into the field of digital marketing and have decided to take the author’s advice and pick up a book about it. I have almost exclusively used books to read enjoyable fiction or learn about interesting subjects; I have always read for pleasure. 

But the authors pointed out to me that I could also use books to become less cluttered, or become more qualified for a promotion, or learn how to sew. 

Read to Lead is specifically geared to non-readers. Individuals looking to form new reading habits can benefit greatly from the author’s advice. I would not recommend this book to avid readers however. 

I think someone that loves reading can benefit from particular chapters; I would therefore encourage, as the author’s do for certain books, skimming or picking out certain sections to read. 

This is the type of book I would purchase, glean out the parts that are geared towards me, and pass it on to a non-reader. I enjoyed reading Read to Lead, but it is definitely geared to someone trying to read regularly, or read more. 

Read to Lead is for every individual wanting to learn a new skill or become a regular reader. Books are one of the most wonderful ways to grow, learn, and even become a better person. Enjoying books is something everyone should experience, and with Read to Lead you can.